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Earth Day is Every Day for Cattle Ranchers

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It seems that we all have to do more with less these days. From what we buy at the grocery store, the gas we fill our cars with, and the time we have each day. Making the most of what we have can be challenging, but there is one group who has been doing great with what they have. In fact, this group has been improving what they have in order to be more efficient and sustainable.

That impressive group is our American cattle ranchers.

Cattle ranchers celebrate Earth Day everyday and have always been environmentalists. Taking care of the land is necessary for the success of a cattle herd and ultimately the ranch. Over time cattle ranchers have made huge improvements to preserving the water and land. Researcher, Dr. Jude Capper from Washington State University, discovered that today’s beef uses 30% less land, 14% less water, and 9% less fossil fuel energy than beef produced 30 years ago. What is even more impressive is that we are producing 13% more beef with 13% fewer animals. 

This research along with many personal accounts of environmental stewardship remind us that those that raise beef animals are also caring for the land. For cattle producers, Earth Day is every day!



To hear more about the Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review check this out: http://www.explorebeef.org/StewardshipReview.aspx



To learn more about beef and the environment check out this YouTube video:



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